The Origin Series

“ In collaboration with Lenox Jewelers, a new addition to the Origin Series for 2024.

Solstice and Equinox.”

Spring Equinox

Brilliantly capturing the essence of Spring’s vitality and renewal, framed in soft satin silver and transformative deep emerald green hues.

Summer solstice

Effortlessly harnessing the lucid, radiant rays and warmth of the Summer’s sun, while providing a translucent kaleidoscope of golden undertones.

Autumn equinox

Bathed in a palette of rich red, vivid amber and opulent orange, promptly garners nostalgic memories of Fall foliage imagery.

Winter Solstice

Enveloped in cool crisp tones of glacial blue, icy silver and arctic grey, achieving eye catching textures reminiscent with Winter’s imaginative artistry.


Presenting Origin “Azur”. An exceptional and unique collaboration of only 12 pieces produced exclusively for US based Collective Horology and The Limited Edition UK.

From early sketches in the beginning of 2022, the striking qualities of Azur have remained clear and consistent throughout development. The concept based on the recurring abstract geometric patterns formed by the sea surface and visible from underwater. The result, a complexity of angles and textures highlighted by the gentle waves and ripples glittering from the suns rays- but reduced to its essence of form.

Implementing pure and simple triangle shaped facets, each one is sized, structured and angled in a way that offers both a balanced display of light, as well as shadow. Light passes through delicate blue translucent vitreous enamel and returns to the wearers eye after reflecting off of the soft subtly textured silver subsurface.

As with all Origin Series pieces, the case is entirely handmade from Argentium silver. The patient and diligent process is one of forming rings and soldering, cutting accurate slots for lug fitting and soldering, hardening, fitting and ultimately polishing/finishing.

All completely done by hand with no use of modern CNC equipment. It’s this deliberate emphasis on the avoidance of modern manufacturing methods for the cases that give each piece their unique characteristics. Even in a series production of 12, each case has subtle differences, and is the product of weeks of work with many dozens of processes which offer the owner of a James Lamb watch something that is truly individual.

The 39mm diameter redesigned case also has a reduced height from 11mm down to about 9.5-9.75mm (including the crystal). In addition, we were able to achieve a 35% weight reduction of a complete watch to around 70g. An improved new satin surface case finish not only is aesthetically pleasing, but helps reduce finger print marks, while highlighted with burnished smooth edges.

Newly introduced double spring-bar holes allow for both straight or curved straps, plus an entirely new crown made from silver with etched logo, tie case and crown together more harmoniously. Some additional subtle geometric changes to the lugs and caseback give a more contemporary and more importantly, comfortable wearing experience. All these improvements took time to both design and implement, as well as the creation of the necessary tools and jigs for those changes. This is a continuous process- Origin Series is a constant evolution throughout the 50 pieces. Once ideas of any improvements are considered they can be tried and tested then incorporated quite quickly for the next pieces being made.

As the cases are solid silver, UK law dictates necessary hallmarks to be applied before they are to be sold. This is done at the Assay Office in London. The case material is tested and given marks to say who made the case, what it is made from, where it was assayed and in what year. These unique and decorative stamps are put onto the caseback and form a small yet intricate part of the overall design.

The Elements

Origin Series is limited to just 50 pieces with each watch case individually numbered for each client based on available numbers remaining and often able to include personally significant numbers for the collector.

This first range released November 2021 features ‘The Elements’. Over time a small handful of other quite different subsequent themes, including some unique pieces will become part of the Origin Series until the limited run of 50 is complete. Note: Any special limited edition releases are separate to the numbered 50.


The Earth dial design is engraved and textured to represent that of a solid ancient rock. The enamel shade is difficult to capture as it varies in different light settings but is essentially a subtle dark green.


Integral throughout the manufacturing process: Soldering and annealing during casemaking and essential for firing the vitreous enamel. Fire Element evokes deep red furnace with the carefully engraved flame pattern offering real depth and movement.


Uitilising brief fine flowing lines of silver on a background of quite rare bluish opalescent vitreous enamel, Air Element shows a variety of characteristics in varying light conditions.


Water Element was one of the first I designed when preparing this series. I was keen to try to represent in some slight abstract way the surging dynamic flow of a crashing wave over the ceramic insert dial using different shades of deep and light aqua tone vitreous enamels. Underneath the enamel can be seen fine hand engraved lines that accentuate this piece.