About James Lamb

As far back as I remember I have been fascinated by watches in one way or another. Growing up in the 80’s I was only really aware of quartz digital watches as the vast majority of the mechanical watch world was suffering terribly from the so called ‘quartz crisis’.

Independent Watch Maker

Later as I became older, I wanted to buy a ‘real’ watch so I began to learn more about watches and slowly, as I discovered more I was completely amazed at the complexity, sophistication and variety of modern manufacturing methods.

But I asked myself how watches were made many years ago before electricity and lighting and those sub-micron levels of precision methods of manufacturing we are used to seeing today?

From that moment I was hooked, learning about those giants of horology whose genius and determination produced such wonders equalling and surpassing the finest work today. I decided I had to be part of this world so I enrolled with the British Horological Institute and after winning a couple of student prizes became accredited a few short years later.

Creating Something Unique

After working in the engineering technology industry for 15 years, an opportunity in 2020 presented itself which allowed me to devote myself full time to fulfilling my goal of producing my first series of wristwatches. Each of these watches are one-of-a-kind. Each timepiece created is individually made for its owner.

I was challenged by a watch collector to create something that pulled together all my current skills. With my small workshop and years of experience designing and making precision tools/jigs in industry, silversmithing, plus my practical watchmaking skills I now had the freedom to customise and hand craft many parts that are usually bought in by brands.

I wanted to create a series of limited and individually numbered pieces that would offer the wearer a comfortable piece that could if chosen be worn every day, a design that neither looks backward nor is too contemporary. Maintaining a balanced appearance that isn’t over embellished so as to appear fussy, nor too minimalist and bland. I’ve never thought screw heads look attractive on watch cases so have deliberately avoided them, instead opting to fit a pressure fit caseback requiring very fine machining and finishing tolerances to ensure a good firm fit.

These watches are rooted in technicality and creativity – with the choice and fitting of a premium grade Swiss mechanical movement that has been given extra attention to traditional decoration and then adjusted to 5 positions giving superior timekeeping properties. To the multiple challenges of creating a handmade silver watch case- while not overlooking the complexities of creating fragile vitreous enamel dials for this Origin Series.